Forms you will require for the refluff service.

Please note that a refluff takes a minimum of three weeks.


A refluff entails taking the entire duvet apart and washing the percale cotton on the outside and refluffing the silk.It is put back together and place the silk layer for layer in place again and then put strings through to keep the silk in place like it was when you bought it.
For the above procedure we charge R500 for an Africa Silks duvet and R550 for any other company's duvet.
Please note that all duvets serviced by Africa Silks will be serviced and returned to customer not in the way it looked but to look like an Africa Silks duvet. No quilted duvets or inners will be accepted. How to get it to us?(We Highly recommend a courier service)

Please post it directly to Head office at
Africa Silks,
Po Box 167,

Or Physical address (for courier)
Africa Silks
Louis Tricardt street

Contact nr (013) 767 1665
And also give them a call at (013) 767 1665 to notify them of your duvet and please give them a tracking number. PLEASE FILL IN THE REFLUFF FORM ADD IT TO THE BOX)

Additional costs

We can also cover your duvet with brand new percale cotton and add or take away silk to your preference. This will be quoted depending on what you want done to your duvet e.g. add extra silk or new percale cotton or both. We can custom do anything to your duvet at an additional cost, e.g. divide it in half, make it thicker or thinner or thicker on the one side and thinner on the other side. If you have any further queries please don’t hesitate to call or email me. Contact details: (021) 876 21 97